From flavoursome, delicately spiced curry to freshly prepared Indian wraps and snacks, every dish carries the deep, complex flavours and mouth-watering spices that are the hallmark of Indian cuisine.

Our food not only satisfies the craving for something healthy and delicious, but also leaves a person with the feeling that only a heart- warming, home-cooked Indian meal can provide.

We’re on our way to revolutionising Indian cuisine by providing authentic dishes in a convenient manner which is accessible to all.

A new modern style eatery being introduced into the UK that embodies the spirit and essence of authentic Indian cuisine. Papa-Dum brings the infinite diversity of culinary creations of India for the very first time to London with a twist.

Brand Values

Join us on the journey

At Papa-Dum we want to take customers on a journey, inspiring them to treat their palates to something new. Moving away from your standard takeaway connotations of Indian food into a new found realism. Therefore, we offer a different kind of tantalising and healthy authentic Indian food that’s not only nutritious, but also very delicious and flavoursome.

With landscapes as diverse as its ethnic groups, rich, colourful culture, and delicious cuisine, India offers a real feast for the senses. From adventurous rickshaw rides and vibrant, colourful streets to noises of playful children and heart-warming family meals, India is a place that is energetic and free. Papa-Dum aims to bring this unique cultural experience to London by serving authentic Indian food that’s very much the essence of Indian culture.

At Papa-Dum, we believe that food brings families together, and when served in a welcoming environment by people who can turn ordinary food into delicious feasts, Indian food can truly help forge relationships and provoke happiness. Taking inspiration from Indian culture and cuisine, the food served at Papa-Dum is characterised by its colours and use of aromatic herbs and spices that give it a rich, heavenly flavour