Inspired by Good

Every business has a vital role to play in ensuring we all take accountability in delivering a live and evolving CSR Model. We created our plan – “Inspired by Good”

“Inspired by Good” is the mantra we follow, with every element of our business, from the suppliers we work with right through to the paper we print on.

It’s our platform to do the right thing for our planet.

Inspired by Good is centered around key pillars

Sustainable Packaging

We are committed to remove all plastic packaging from our stores. We’ve achieved 75% to date by moving to corn starch and PLA material. We have introduced incentives to customers, encouraging them to bring their own packagin and cups for their chai.

Ethical Sourcing

Our suppliers go through a rigorous review to ensure they are sustainable and have a responsible approach to supply chain management and ethical sourcing.

Customer Wellbeing

We don’t claim that everything we serve is the most healthiest choices but we ensure we are transparent with our customers and help advise customers on their best choices.


Every quarter Papa-Dum makes a donation to feed the poorest children in India, we are also committed to be a patron of the elephant foundation.

Our People

Family is important to us, driven through our value and upbringing. Our team are an extension of our family. We encourage positive mindsets and building a team that helps them gain valuable experience for their journey through life. Recruiting a team of enthusiastic individuals who are a happy addition to the Papa-dum family.

Papa-Dum Promise

We are committed to ensure everything we touch, we consider the impact to the environment, our people, our customers and our suppliers. From purchasing the right packaging to sourcing our goods ethically.
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